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Dec. 13, 2009

13 Dec

11:45 am

Tous Les Jours

1 sweet red bean pastry

12:10 pm

1 bowl of tteokguk (rice cake soup)

side of kakdugi (turnip kimchi)

side of purple rice (rice with Adzuki red beans)

1 bottle of water

1:30 pm

2 pieces of Hershey’s miniature (Special Dark)

2 pm

1 orange

1 Asian pear

1 bottle of water

6 pm

1 bowl of soondubu (tofu stew)

side of white rice

8 slices of sang sun jun (battered cod pieces)

7 pm

1/2 persimmon

It’s all Korean food today as I helped my mom with errands and got two meals in return. Today’s entry is going to be a list. Dduk guk is a soup filled rice cakes. The soup stock is made from beef bones, and it contains scallions, salt and occasional slices of beef. “Purple” rice is cooked with Japanese Adzuki beans, which gives it a peculiar, nutty taste. It’s healthier than straight-up white rice. Kokdugi is kimchi made with turnips. Soondubu is a spicy stew of tofu. And a common Korean side dish is sang sun jun, bite-sized slices of cod dipped in egg batter and pan-fried.

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