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Dec. 8, 2009

8 Dec

11:45 am

Royal/T Cafe

spinach and mushroom quiche

side mixed green salad

1/2 pot of Royal milk tea

I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures of the waitresses in their maid outfits. It’s creepy, taking pics of your waitress. Besides, she looked unhappy doing her job. Royal/T is the first cosplay restaurant in LA. In Japan, themed restaurants are quite a trend, and the maid cafe is one of the more popular ones. Royal/T is a watered-down take, the waitresses’ maid outfits are short but not outrageous and they don’t greet you by saying, “hello master.” So simmer down there, non-Asians with Asian fetishes. Stick to your nightclubs and collection of Japanese underwear porn. Royal/T’s schtick is as exciting as the lingerie section in a JC Penney ad and it’s probably for the best.  As for the food, this is the first time I’ve eaten here and the quiche was awful.  The tea was pretty good though, steeped with flowers and served with soy milk. The actual restaurant is in the middle of a warehouse-art gallery with a bunch of Murakami-like artwork and I sort of digged the peculiar space. I’d probably come back for the tea and setting alone.

1 pm

The Bonnie Hunt Show

1 hot dog

1 can of Barq’s root beer

I gotta give credit to the “The Bonnie Hunt Show” for keeping the integrity of a Chicago hot dog. The link is all-beef, the bun has poppy seed and the only condiment is just mustard, no ketchup. Who cares if the hot dog wasn’t that good or if the show got cancelled. It’s a taste of my hometown. I’ll have more to say about this entry tomorrow.

4 pm

Bottle Rock

1 glass of Mas Malbec

1 glass of Four Vines Zinfandel

1/2 cheese plate (St. Andre’s triple creme, Smokey Blue, Three Sisters Serenita)

marcona almonds

It’s happening. I’m drinking in the middle of a workday. “Funemployment,” they call it. The buzzword of 2009! It’s like “cougar” in 2007 and “hockey mom” last year. I sound like a douche using that word. F- it, I’ll go along with any terminology that hides the hideous reality of not being a functioning part of society.

7 pm

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

1 small caffe latte

10:45 pm


1 6-inch turkey sandwich on wheat

1 bag of sour cream n’ cheese Baked Lays

1 20 oz. Minute Maid Light lemonade

I have got to stop eating dinner so late.

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