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May 1, 2010 – Shabu Shabu at Home

1 May

9:30 am

1 banana

1 pm

1 burger

1 chicken breast

side potato salad

side mac n’ cheese

side spinach salad


I’m writing a guest blog for my friend Muldo this week. I decided that this meal will be the basis for a 1,000-word post. You can read more about it later this week. This meal was for my friend Sherry and Rich’s co-ed baby shower. I didn’t think I ate a lot when I was there. Everything fit on one plate. But after typing it all out? Yeah, I’m a pig. Oh well.

7 pm

shabu shabu

2 cans of Asahi beer

1 glass of shochu

I’m not a huge fan of shabu shabu. Something about the thought of eating boiled meat that seems underwhelming to me. I’ve gone many times though, thanks to two of my friends who do like it and have taken me to various restaurants. But I heard that shabu shabu, if done properly, can be great. So I was curious when my friends Rob and Yuki decided to throw a shabu shabu dinner party. I visualized this to be like a Japanese-inflected 70’s fondue party, straight out of the “Ice Storm,” without the key bowl (thankfully). What awaited us was a massive array of meats, beef, pork slices, pork belly, chicken, shrimp and oysters, as well as leafy vegetables, carrots and shiitake mushrooms. This made for a much more interesting cooking broth, and it solved my main issue with shabu shabu, flavorless boiled meat. It takes high-quality ingredients and a deft touch (ie, not boiling your food to tasteless rubber) to enjoy it. Shabu shabu is the one-pot meal that keeps on feeding. After you cook the meats and vegetables in the boiling water, you then throw udon noodle in the broth for the next course. I ate too much at the end and enjoyed the experience.

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Jan. 6, 2010

6 Jan

9 am

1 bowl of Crunch Berries

When I was still young many years ago, Crunch Berries and Cinnamon Toast Crunch were my two favorite cereals. The day I willingly bought Chex instead of a sugary cereal with a cartoon mascot was one of the most depressing moments of my life. When did I get so old? This bowl of Crunch Berries is a desperate attempt to stay young and relevant. Crunch Berries at 30, a Harley at age 40 and a 26-year-old UCLA grad school blond at age 50. That’s the plan, at least.

1 pm

Shabu Shabu Ya

7 oz. beef shabu shabu

1/2 can Diet Coke

This is the second time I went with my friend Candace to Shabu Shabu Ya, and each time, she points out that they raised the price by $4 or so. So what was originally a $10-$12 lunch special is now 18 freaking dollars. Over the course of a year! If a restaurant is jacking up prices like a payday-advance lender, then they have issues. Candace is friendly with the owners here, so it’s too bad they have to resort to such shenanigans to stay afloat. And with that, the $18  lunch special was pretty good and had WAY too much food. We should’ve ordered the cheaper options or split one order. Maybe we should’ve done that instead of hurling McCarthy-like accusations of highway robbery. This is why proper journalists hate the internet.

2 pm


1 grande nonfat caffe mocha

7:30 pm


truffle burger

hot potato slices

1 large bottle of water

1/2 bottle of cava

It drives me crazy that whenever you try booking a reservation on Open Table, they usually only offer 6 or 9:30 time slots, reserving the prime 7-8 pm dining hours for God knows who. That’s exactly what happened when I tried to book a table at Cube on Tuesday night. I usually end up going the old-fashioned route and calling a restaurant to make a reservation. As much as I like the concept of Open Table, a live human being is always better to negotiate a better reservation time. I also made reservations for Ricardo Zarate’s Hatchi meal at Breadbar. Same deal, only 6 pm was offered on Open Table, but I called the restaurant and got an 8:15 reservation.

After our meal at Cube, we ducked into The Tar Pit, the new bar/restaurant by Campanile’s Mark Peel which is right next door, but the place is both tiny and packed and it was too much of a hassle for a quick drink. We did see Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villagairosa pulling up to the valet in his motorcade, pulling an illegal U-turn to do it. He was with his new news-anchor girlfriend, who is hot and also taller than him. He sure has a type, attractive news-anchors willing to disregard journalistic integrity to sleep with the mayor. Sexy!

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