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Feb. 9, 2010

9 Feb

10 am

1 slice pecan pie

1 cup of coffee

1 pm

BCD Tofu House

1 kimchee soon tofu

various banchan

I mentioned BCD Tofu House in a previous post last year but didn’t have a picture of what I said was a violent sight. Well, here’s one now, which my friend Robyn took. Note the violent anger in that stew. Tofu is inherently boring. Putting it in a boiling, volcanic concoction makes it a lot hell of a lot more exciting. The roof of my mouth lost several layers of skin from the scalding temperature. Considering the heavy rain and cold yesterday, that actually felt a bit comforting. As I mentioned before, BCD is the most convenient place to go for soon tofu in Los Angeles because it’s a chain. They’re pretty good, but I’ll eventually head to other Korean tofu houses in Los Angeles and write about those as well.

BTW, that’s my hand in the picture. That’s the most you’ll see of me on this site.

2:30 pm

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

1 small mocha latte

10 pm

1 ham and cheese sandwich on wheat

side of cole slaw

1 bottle of Corona beer

Dec. 23, 2009

23 Dec

9 am

1 bowl of Special K with almonds

1 pm

BCD Tofu House

1 bowl of squid soon tofu

various banchan

1 glass of water

I forgot to take pictures again! Too bad, because soon tofu is a violent sight, a bright-red concoction that spews peppers and tofu like an angry volcano. My friend’s white sweater got Monica Lewinsky’d by an unforeseen spurt from her kimchi soon tofu. BCD was a very popular chain when it first debuted in the United States several years ago. My mom, living in Chicago at the time, asked me to freeze some and bring it back. She’s never flown post-9/11 and had no idea what security risks that’d put me under. The popularity has since died down a bit, and I thought the quality dipped a few years ago. But my friend moved right next to a BCD and I find the chain to be reliably good now. This is the second violently spicy Korean meal I ate with her in a week, and both times I forgot to take pictures. Remind me next time!

2:15 pm


1 tall eggnog latte

7 pm

2 piece of tonkatsu

side of asparagus

1 can of Diet Coke

9:30 pm

La Poubelle

shared molten chocolate cake

2 pints of Blue Moon beer

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