Jan. 15, 2010

15 Jan

11:30 am

rigatoni with tomato sauce

1 can Diet Coke

6 pm

1 bowl of rice

2 glasses of water

9 pm

Father’s Office

1 Father’s Office burger

shared order of sweet potato fries

2 Racer 5 IPA beers

1 Duvel Green beer

1 random beer chosen by the bartender

I have nothing more to write about Father’s Office that hasn’t been written before. The burger’s still good, though the myriad of copycats who also use blue cheese and bacon doesn’t make it so singular anymore. The seating policy is still ridiculously draconian, though the Culver City location, which we went to, is a bit easier to navigate than the original one in Santa Monica. It’s still worth going to every once in a while, though it requires a lot of patience to put up with their quirks. Everyone who lives in LA should check it out at least once, just to see what all the fuss is about.

I wish I knew what that unknown beer was. My former roommate Barry said it came from a tap in the shape of a shark’s head or something like that. That’s either the most bad-ass beer imaginable or Jimmy Buffett has something to do with it. I’ll pretend it’s the former.


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